domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

Spot the Diferences!! Henrietta and Catherine

I noticed something funny today when I found a portrait of Henrietta Marie of France. I thought I looked awfully familiar and then I noticed why. It was because of a portrait of Catherine of Braganza by Peter Lely. Lely obviously tried to copy the previous painting of Henrietta Marie, to the point that even the poses and the folds in the dresses and in the ermine are identical.

On the left is the one of Henrietta Marie. This one is a lot darker. She's dressed in black, which might suggest mourning, but I'm not sure,

On the right is Catherine of Braganza, in a much brighter painting. She's dressed in blue, and even the clouds outside look less stormy than in the Queen-Mother's portrait. Instead of flowers on the table like in the previous one, in her's there's a crown.

There are some more subtle diferences, particularly in terms of fashion. Look at Henrietta's sleeves. Look familiar? She's worn them several times before.

Detail from a portrait of Henrietta Marie by Van Dyck, 1632/1635

And her bodice is much shorter than Catherine's. The bodices started to get longer and more pointed as the decades went by. The hair is also a pretty big indicator. Each Queen wears a hairstyle from their time. Henrietta from the 1630s, and Catherine from the 1660s.

Regarding the artwork alone, I gotta go for Henrietta's painting. Lely was too acustomed to painting those pale, heavy-lidded seductresses to quite capture Catherine's mediterranean looks.

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